Insppy is looking for a few good volunteer editors. If you would like to be part of a growing literary ecosystem, please read on.

Here are some details you may wonder about:


  • This is a volunteer gig. No pay.
  • English must be your first language.
  • Attention to detail is extremely important! We care about typography and other minutia that most people ignore. This applies to editor workflow and author stories.
  • Time commitment is around five hours per week. Ideally, you would commit to one hour per day. This is not something you can do all in one day. You will be corresponding with authors who expect timely responses, so it’s best to check in every day or two.
  • You must check in with the team once a day to see if there are messages.

Nice skills to have, but not a deal breaker:

  • Familiarity with WordPress.
  • Familiarity with Google Docs.
  • Familiarity with Gmail. (Note: you will need a Gmail account to access the documentation and Insppy email account.)

Does that sound good so far? Okay, on to the next round!

Answer the following questions:

  • Are you proficient at editing stories and giving constructive feedback that writers can learn from?
  • Are you truly committed to writing?
  • Do you want to surround yourself with people who are learning and improving?
  • Is attention of detail important to you? Are you a perfectionist?
  • Do you take pride in your work?
  • Do you like helping other authors become better writers?
  • Do you want to improve your own writing by immersing yourself in editing?
  • Are you a quick learner?
  • Are you passionate about writing?
  • How many items are on this list?
  • How long can you reasonably commit to Insppy?
  • What do you do for work?

If you have the time and skills, email submissions@insppy.com and tell us why you are interested. Include answers to the questions in this email and share the following information if applicable.

  • Links to your writing.
  • Link to your website.
  • Links to your social media accounts.
  • Links to books you have written.
  • Links to Insppy stories you have written.

We LOVE your enthusiasm, but please give this volunteering opportunity careful thought before you reply. Make sure you have about five hours available and the energy to commit. We’re dedicated to fostering a positive editor and author community and are looking for people who share our mission and vision.

On more than one occasion, volunteers have gone through our onboarding process and bailed at the last minute. Please respect our time, and yours.

— The Insppy Team

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