Meet Simerjeet bhatia

In the vibrant heart of Delhi, Simerjeet Bhatia’s story unfolds—a narrative that challenges the conventional, proving that creativity knows no […]

Meet Dr. Rabiaah Bhatia: Aspire to Inspire

Rabiaah’ Bhatia (Dr) – Mompreneur, Fashion Model, Public Speaker, Global SDG Ambassador, Author. A Changemaker- A person who believes that there is no comparison between two people, the only comparison is between you and yourself. If you want to change something outside in your surroundings, first change yourself. Learn from your own mistakes and enhance your life..

Meet Anika Luthra: From Burnout to Beacon-A Journey of Rediscovery

The inspiration to embark on my transformational journey came from the profound pain of being let go from my corporate […]

Meet Lalita Aggarwal: Designing life’s patterns 😍

I am Lalita, I am from Haryana, i am a fashion designer running my design studio in sector 31 Gurgaon.

Absolutely! My journey from a small town in Haryana to discovering my passion for design in Gurugram is inspiring.That’s an incredible journey of self-discovery and determination! Transitioning from commerce to design and finally starting my own boutique showcases

Meet Yogi: An Ambassador of Indian Street Art

Little yogi had a desire to be a scientist which led him to look at the world with the lens of beauty and capture the beautiful colors in his art notebook. Creativity was in the genes and they were sown in childhood nourished by his maternal grandfather. He has a Vision-to spread his art around the world… which is mural painting, stage performance.

Meet Manju – the woman of the house

Born to a lower middle class Punjabi family with meagre resources but plenty of Indian family values Manju grew up with four other siblings in a two room house in East Delhi.
She was yet a small child and had seen her mother pawning her only gold bangle to make ends meet many times.

Meet Alka Dalal iFierce soul, brave heart, strong mind..

Meet Alka – who grew up with three other siblings in a middle-class family in Gurgaon. Education has been the strongest value that her father rooted for. Alka’s husband sacrificed his life in Kargil war in June, 1999.
Advocate by profession, she is a business women with many ventures and carrying forward Azad’s legacy in today’s generation

Meet Rakshita Dwivedi-She has the spirit of the Sun

Rakshita started a food blog named “Recipe Dabba”. She curated healthy recipes & shared them on Facebook & Instagram. Being a mother, her every move was child-centric, even her recipes.
The wind of change kept blowing until it swayed her to find her calling.
Rakshita has touched around 2000 lives so far. The pandemic made her realize that she could run the show online from anywhere. She believes that opportunities are available for those who are ready to hit the dance floor and she has been enjoying tapping her feet on the different tunes of life.

Meet Rakhi Wanchoo: A daughter that every parent deserves

Rakhi with thin curls embracing her smiling face, behind which lies an ocean of emotions. Rakhi’s was a happy family of four. Despite hardships, her parents had shared the responsibility of raising their kids well. They never saw another soul as they were enough for each other. She is a mother of 2 and focusing on Neikee Foundation to keep the emotion alive.

Mom I Love you

Meet Trisha and Sridatri-Words are not enough to express the unconditional love between a mother and a daughter.
A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your best friend

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Meet Simerjeet bhatia

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