Panel Discussion Experience

Duration: 10 Days ( spread over 3 weeks)

Program Description:
Our Panel Discussion Experience is a dynamic 10-day program designed to cultivate critical thinking and effective communication in children. During this program, each participant will be coached and guided to develop and articulate their viewpoints on a given topic.

Key Features:
1. Thought Development: Guided nurturing sessions to help kids explore and form their own opinions on the chosen topic.
2. Group Discussions: Regular practice sessions in smaller groups to build confidence and refine their points of view.
3. Panel Discussion Preparation: Intensive coaching on presentation skills, argument structuring, and panel etiquette.
4. Final Event – Online Panel Discussion: On the last day, participants will present their views in an online panel discussion, streamed live on LinkedIn and YouTube. Each panel consists of 5-10 kids, providing a real-world experience of a panel discussion.

Target Audience: Children (age group 8-15) interested in enhancing their public speaking, critical thinking, and collaborative skills.

Price: Rs 500/participant

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