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After 20 years in human resources and meeting with people while recruiting or resolving employee issues, Kiran realised that each person has a story that is unique to their circumstances. ..

Each individual’s story contains a great deal of silence. She embraced her desire to write about “Silence, the things people don’t say,” and how some of them live unseen lives with so many different versions of themselves remaining to meet.

She was aware of how Our lives are nothing more than commas escaping the full stop, and firmly believed in the power of tales….

To not only bring people together but also provide a little nudge ahead.

The goal was straightforward: to convey stories.  She sought to extend a hand to those who believed no one understood their tale, and to just… listen. To their narrative.

She incorporated the idea of “INSPPY,” which stands for Inspiring Spirits, in order to give a voice to those who have stories coursing through their veins, warmth yearning to embrace them, and colors eager to illuminate their lives.

It can be a pat on the back or a disguised hug, to assist in growing as a person and developing a heart full of happiness and warmth, waiting to radiate and release small dandelions of unfinished stories into the universe.  So people can look at them as mirrors and experience their hearts’ love, admiration, and warmth.

Kiran believes it’s difficult to open wounds, heal scars, and pour out love-laced stories like fine wine at the altar of life.

But even if someone is unable to put their story into words, one should know that INSPPY aims to love and appreciate each human being and will always be a community of cheerleaders.

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